Thursday, July 24, 2008


Good grief! I'm not sure where, maybe that dumpling stall on Orchard street. Anyway I picked up a hell of a bug. Yeah heat, humidity, and standing food do not a good mix make.


Yep I was blasting from both ends for daze comrad's. Nothing like raw digestive acids firing out'a ya porthole's for 48 hours so so.

Please gawd make it stop! I'll do any shit ya wants. 100,000 hail Mary's while dressed as a nun in a see through habit, and knelling in lambs blood in Macy's window on Easter morning,...I'll do it!

...Just pleezze plug me up 'for every drop of liquid shoots out'a me like a Niagara frigg'n falls of raw sewage.

How fragile we are, be brought so low by a mere Dumpling.

(Beware,..this ain't pretty. It's funny, but not cute.)


Anonymous said...

Dear Sidney,

Anything we can do for you, please let us know.

XO, P & RP

Cannibal said...

Man, those idiots on the N train this morning were doing multiple uncovered sneezes in rapid fire. It's the same ailment you got; The Pacifica Pigeon Flu. I'm at the pharmacy first thing tomorrow buying the 55-gal drum of station sanitizer!

Uncle Sidney said...

The WBAI Blow Hole Flu!

Seems I'm not the only one having alternating brown, and golden high pressure showers.

There's a few of us down with this dreaded condition.

I still feel like doody.

I'll pray to Issac Newton for his intervention in this drama.

Much love to you Cannibal, RPM,& P!

Pickles,...shoot up a bottle rocket for me!