Saturday, June 28, 2008

"Nuke over Brooklyn"

Well that's what it looked like at first. I had to dig into my backpack to find my camera. By the time I took the shot it was kind'a not as dramatic.

Yeah okay the exposure is fucked, and it's out of focus. Still ya should'a been there it was pretty awesome !

...take my word.

Speaking of being buried under a pound of peach's. my camera was. Please link to my "Royal Republic" blog. I don't say much there either, but it's full of neat pictures, and videos.

There's a sweet post full'a nice Japanese ladies. As you know I have a secret fantasy of being turned into a Japanese lady all dolled up in colorful silks, and stuff.

Eh,..It's a long story.

My dear pal Nurse Pickles wants to help me dress up as a Geisha for the Halloween Parade in Greenwich Village this year. I have ta tell ya I'm thinking seriously of doing it. Imagine the Hulk in a kimono.

Album cover material for sure.

Stay Tuned.

1 comment:

Bodmin said...

Hear that the Freedom Tower, which should have been arising behind you, from where you took this, on the 9/11 site, has been scrapped.
No money, they say.
No freedom either, any more, so I suppose it's fitting.