Wednesday, June 11, 2008

"Hot as Hell!"

It's been in the high 90's, and 100's around town for daze now. This shit piss's me off big time. When it socks in like this. I usually shut the curtains, and turn the air conditioner on high, and hibernate till october.

As for them ecofreak, nutjobs that harassed me the other day saying using a/c is un-natural. That and we should embrace nature, and enjoy the heat. 'Are these wacko's kidd'n me?!!

Turn that sucker up! I wanna see icicles forming on my windows pronto!

Ahhhh, a large "Lime Ricky" slopped over with crushed ice,....Heaven!


d. chedwick said...

You're so right to call them ecofreak nutjob wackos.

Embrace the Heat??? Tell that to the elderly and the infants who get VERY ill from the heat! Or die from the heat.

Maybe this person would like to have open heart surgery performed on them during a heatwave in a hospital with NO air conditioning, with sweaty cranky uncomfortable doctors and nurses trying to 'do the best they can' .

have a heart, think about babies or the elderly or sick people, they can't toughen up.

uncle1950uncle said...

I swear some of these well intended knuckle hedds make me wanna barf.

There's nothing happy or natural about being in a city during an extreme heatwave!

You're sadly right. People suffer terribly in summer. Especially in our cities which are just not yet geared up to dealing with the new warmer climate.

Air conditioning is no longer a luxury as it was when I was a kid.

In this new awful climate where it can be in the 90's/100's for weeks at a time you 'better' have it.

Anyway back to my frosty "Lime Ricky", and dreams of snow daze.