Sunday, February 27, 2011

" Viva La Revolución!"

(Current Corporate Flag of America.)

Who'd 'a thunk it. Americans actually fighting for Economic Justice. This hasn't happened since the last Great Depression. 'Guess shit has to get 'this' bad before cops, and workers march together to make sure their kids eat.

Did you hear about that? When the tea-party nut job Governor of Wisconsin ordered the heat, the cops to bust up the rallies, and clear out the State House they said "bleep you", and joined those that had taken over the building.

Good grief!

That's what shook me out of my cynical lethargy. I expected the heat to bust heads, and the protesters to slink away grumbling like they always do.


Or maybe not. Things are desperate, and have been for years. Indeed the middle class allowed the ownership class to rob the country blind. The needs of the poor, and working poor hasn't been on the table for decades. Nearly 50 years in fact.

So that's not what's driving this. The Ownership folks have gutted everybody, and everything, and are now set to finish off the middle class. That's what sparked this.

Teachers, cops, nurses, carpenters, firemen, heck even communications engineers like me, and all the other barely functioning middle occupations are on the chopper now. I guess we're not going to go as quietly as expected.

Granted there's mostly a news blackout on this resistance movement. As opposed to their tea-party opposite numbers. 200/300 tea-party folks showed up to counter the nearly 70,000 pro-union activists.

The tea-nuts got all the face time on tv. You would have thought the numbers were opposite from what they were. Life in a free country. Still despite this news in getting out to the whole world,..even the rest of the U.S.of A.

Proles from sea to shining sea are sending support to the folks at the front. Everything from warm gloves to pizzas. Even my useless union AFTRA is marching in Solidarity. There's a big demo planned for here in the Emerald City that I plan to join up with.

Still being the pissed off cynical bastard I am I'm not sure if this Mid-Western Revolution will spread. However I'm glad, very happy indeed it's happening.

Gives one heart to know that some are actually awake, and have realized that we're in a cattle car headed to the 3rd world. ...not a place we really want to go to.

One more thing.

I said I'd lay off the guy, but I can't let this one go. We thought Obama would have led something like this when we elected him.

He said he would.

He said if they tried to take away our right to unionize if elected he'd come, and "march on the picket line" with us. He said those exact words.

He said he's get some "comfortable shoes", and march to defend the right of American citizens to collective bargaining. So far nothing. Not a gesture. Not a word from him that he's going to honor his promise.

'That useless Bastard.

Looks like we're going to have to do this one on our own.


Zaek said...

News blackout is right. I haven't heard a thing about this until now.

Uncle 2012 said...

One has to go to overseas news sources or the 'net to find anything.

Though I will say that Pacifica, and other independent radio networks are doing the best they can with very limited means.

Keep digging.

Zaek said...

That's why I still listen to Pacifica from time to time, despite the loons that sometimes get on there (present company excepted, of course!). The corporate media exist solely to support the oligarchy that owns them.

I hope this people power phenom intensifies and spreads all over the country like wildfire. Which of course is exactly what the oligarchs fear, hence their broadcast silence.

Sion said...

On those rare occasions I want to know what is going on in the world I tune in to Al Jazeera's English service. Yes, these are the people Bush wanted to bomb some years back. The exodus of serious journalists (particularly from the once revered BBC, which has in recent decades become the Official Broadcasting Whore of the UK government) and their movement to Al Jazeera has been little reported, and Al Jazeera itself is still commonly presented in the Western media as a kind of nutty clan of bloodthirsty Arabs. In fact, the staff at AJ is widely international, and is mostly recruited from journalists who have thrown up their careers in the Western media in despair at being constantly gagged and threatened. In my experience Al Jazeera does a good job at being truthful, objective, and comprehensive - which makes it very bad news indeed for mainline Western media. Al Jazeera was also pretty well alone in predicting the recent ourburst of rebellion in the Islamic dictatorships of North Africa and the Middle East. Funny thing that. Maybe their journalists were actually talking to ordinary folks on the street and reporting what they were feeling? The sort of thing Western journalists used to be good at - back in the day...

Uncle 2012 said...

Btw our network, Pacifica, is the only,..count'em the one, and only chain of stations that carries the Al Jazeera English service live.

We're getting heat from the Feds about this too.