Saturday, February 5, 2011

"More Evictions"

The blizzards haven't stopped the banks, and their hit-men the City Marshall's from throwing families onto the street. Mind you the dis-possessions have never stopped here in the land of the nolonger free, but 'local' actions had seemed to stop since the fall.

Well there's a new wave of foreclosures hitting the City. Tow-trucks splashing down the streets hauling away family cars, stickers on their windshields.

Eviction notices plastered on the front doors of now pad-locked brownstones, and apartments,..two more in my building since around the Holidays. Indeed since I moved into this place five families have been tossed out of this complex.

I guess I bring this up because of what I saw this evening on the next avenue up from Sydney Haus, "Sydneyland". On a block of tidy brownstones I came upon the household goods of a family out in the rain, and snow.

Clearly this was a formerly stable middle class family to judge by their belongings which were spoiling in the open elements.

Heart breaking.

My mother used to tell me stories about the Great Depression, and how this sort of thing was common place.

Well it's come back. Come back "millions" strong. The government is admitting to millions. If they admit 'that' I shudder to what it really is.

Where has my Country gone?

Is 'this' the 21st Century?

What is this evil place?!


Zaek said...

This is the beginning of the downslope of Mt. Hubbert, which happens more or less to coincide with that of the Murrican Empire. Hang on, because we're in for a very rough ride.

Bodmin said...

Change you can believe in!
Your problem, Uncle, is that you don't believe enough.
Kiddies, you just gotta clap harder for Tinkerbama!

Uncle 2012 said...

I don't see anything that sez we're getting out of this.


Again I meditate on the irony that I'm just off the streets while folks that were once so much better off than me are now hitting them same streets,..face first.

This country, our system eats people.

Anonymous said...

A certain powerful segment of the elite has been looking with envy on third world autocrats for decades. They're getting what they want. Huge income disparity coupled with massive poverty enforced by a national-security state.

In 20 years this country will be unrecognizable as a "Western Democracy".

Zaek said...

I wonder how many other such countries will be recognizable by then? Sweden, maybe?

Ten or twelve days ago Yahoo news, usually a happy-talking cheerleader, let it slip that American life expectancy has recently declined. I suspect the trend will continue.