Thursday, February 10, 2011

"End Games"

I have to go to the Dentist then a Memorial for an old pal. Fred Goldhaber one of the founders of the Gay Men's Chorus, and a bunch of other things. As well as the first teacher at the Harvey Milk School, and btw a Wbai radio person in the 1980's.

I'm feeling all sorts of stuff. Sad, weary pissed off, the usual, just more so.

For those out there that may have known Fred, and are in the Emerald City area. Fred's send off is going to be at the Gay Community Center, 208 West 13th Street at around 7:00pm.

Ya know I've never been there.

When the so-called movement decided to mainstream, and get rid of all the radicals, and perverts like me, and my comrades. I told them to go fuck themselves.

My gawd did we go through all that so wealthy white fags could live in class segregated gated Queer Towns. That's what's are doing ya know. least before the Crash anyway.

Amazing what 40 years can do.

We didn't risk our lives after Stonewall So they could join the PTA, and the Army!

When I say "risk" I mean just that. Not 'all' of my friends from back in the day died of AIDS.

Miss Marsha, a radical transvestite,..shot in the head. Bob Burdick retired teacher one of the founders of SAGE,..a group for older gays,..stabbed to death. Walter Breen, author, scholar, artist. Arrested for having a 17 year old boy friend,...beaten to death in prison. Two other friends were also murdered for the crime of love.

None of the above were welcome at the so-called straight-gay center. Did I mention how I hate their guts for their gross betrayal of our ancient Dionysian heritage. ...Google it.

The true 'Who', and 'What' we 'really' are.

Fred understood this. So why his family would have his last rites in that place is far beyond me.

However for Fred I'll go.

...granted most of you are straight or straight-gays, and have no idea what I'm talking about. Never-mind it probably doesn't matter at this point.

The story has moved on, and our corner of history is being filled with lies by the winners.

Still, the desire to fire bomb the place will be great. Perhaps I should take a few Valium before the service. My grief, and rage manage slip loose.


Zaek said...

Walter Breen was beaten to death in prison? I knew he died there, but I never heard about that. This is the fate they really want for all of us.

I think you should bring a tub of wheat paste glue and surreptitiously slap up shotacon posters in their windows to create a huge embarrassment for them.

Bodmin said...

To correct the record here: Walter was severely beaten in prison in March, 1992, after being imprisoned after being arrested for a second offense while on probation for a relation with a boy of "fourteen or under". While undergoing surgery for his injuries, it was discovered that he had liver cancer. He died from the cancer on April 28, 1993, in the prison's hospital ward.
The second arrest - and eventual conviction - was for a relation with a thirteen-year-old - neither for a 17-year-old.

Anonymous said...

I'd heard the second boy was 17, and the first 15. This from one of his coin collector, and sci/fi convention friends at Wbai.

Still he was a sweet gentle though loonie soul. I miss him so much. He was a friend.


PS, Glad you're still there Bodmin.