Sunday, February 27, 2011

"Days of Future Passed"

The few fossil remains of our species brief time on the Earth.

If you were a far, far future archeologist. A descendant of rats probably. These are some of the mysterious artifacts you might find in the strata of 150 million years ago. The works of Humanity.

The items are a late 21st century android. (Click on image to see details.) A mid-20th century radio. Also a computer hard drive, and an audio cassette from roughly the same era.

Note that these fragments are of Human making, and are not to be confused with relics of the very short lived Cetacean technological culture.

If you look carefully below at the last image you'll make out two 150 million year old fossilized spark plugs. They sit in the shallow beach wash of a sea in what was Tibet. The discolorations in the water are possible petroleum traces.


Zaek said...

I heard a paleontologist or some such talking about this very subject a few months ago. He observed that some man-made materials will turn to carbon and be present in the fossil record 100 million years from now - glass for instance. It'll even happen to a few books, though of course they'll be impossible to open and read. The archaeologists of future intelligent species will also find evidence of war among humans.

I'd guess the descendants of raccoons have a shot at being the next smart species. It seems they've got twice as many opposable thumbs as we do. Hope they turn out smarter than we did. Nicer, too.

Uncle 2012 said...

Wow! I almost made our future archeologist a descendant of Racoons!

I didn't because I thought the fans,..all six of you, might not get it.

I forget how smart you guys are.

Look around your home, and see how many things can very likely be a message to the far distant grandchildren of Rodents or other likely inheritors of this world.

If it's ceramic, pre-bio degradable plastic, glass or one of the new exotic synthetics it may survive the shifting of continents, and the lowering, and raising of seas.

Ki Cu said...

my house full up on the rat-pop.
now these writings I ran into whilst pretending I am with you in full agreement are another subject, as with all blahgs I refrain from comment. and i lie too.