Monday, February 14, 2011


Flatbush Avenue as seen is 400 b.c.

Well I was wandering down Flatbush Avenue when this *foreigner walks up to me. First I'm surprised 'anyone' would walk up to me,..being so grumpy looking these daze.

*Amuricur is a nation of pissed off over taxed ex-foreigners. So maybe I should'a just said tourista, and left it at that.

The touristas mostly stay in Manhattan. The only auslanders over the bridges are mostly Green Card hunters. However with the dollar worthless the tourista are spilling out all over the city looking for bargins.

Anyway the whole point is what this guy, and his boyfriend, why do the gay ones always come up to me? Eh, now that I think of it, I 'that' obvious?

These guys besides asking me where the Brooklyn Museum was, clear sight two blocks away. Besides asking me that they wants to know why there are so many American flags about.

I was tempted to punch'em both out yell'n "Welcome to America ya stupid twits!!"

Turns out these was some sort of Brits. Hard to tell that tribe apart. 'Except for them folks from Newcastle. I ran into a bunch of kids, and their teacher from there on the subway once.

We, that is the other proles sitting next to me on the "F" train couldn't make head or tails of their accent. I thought they was from Norway. Good grief, and they say classic Brooklynese is distinctive.

Syd will ya get to the point goddammit!!

Okay, okay, they wanted to know what was the big deal about all them flags. Seems us United States'ers is kinda unique in that despite spending so much time hating, and shooting at each other we actually love our country, and the bleeding zebra too. ...aka Old Glory.

Yeah, yeah race nationalist, and rightist/left fanatics hate it, but fuck'em.

Commie Anarchist Pervert Revolutionary that I am I still digs the colors. Runs in the family. Runs in 'all' our families in this country. So ya can't throw a rock around here without hitting that Congressional compromise in the stripes.

There was a bunch of other contestants.

Holy crap. What the hell was these guys thinking.

The winner.

Old Glory gleefully flaps from just about every building in every part of town from sea to shining over heated sea. Granted it's true origins are full of lies, betrayal, and splattered with innocent blood. We still love it because it's an idea. It represents an idea. Hope,...there's that word again.

Yanks is suckers for Hope big time.

So there it is. You wash up on the beaches of the land of the not as free as they used to be. The first thing you get, besides robbed, beaten up, arrested, a shabby apartment, a crappy job,...and all that if you're lucky. The first thing they hands you when you as you go through door number three is da stars'n stripes. ...mostly made in China.

Long may she wave.


Anonymous said...


Satan's Barcodes.

graymogul said...

In the old days of kings, princes, dukes, bishops and other enobled folks being the overlords, flags were rarities. The lords and nobles had coats of arms, which were copied onto flags or banners in wartime so everyone would know the location of the boss on the battlefield.
In those days, kings ruled kingdoms; princes ruled principalities; dukes ruled duchies, and bishops ruled bishoprics. (Really! A bishopric!)
Here in the United States of America we overthrew the nobles, and we devised a flag of symbols which remind the peoples of the world that each of our citizens is a sovereign who is the equal to the clowns who run matters in Europe.

Anonymous said...

@ graymogul
''...each of our citizens is a souvereign who is the equal to the clowns who run matters in Europe.''
F Y I, as a persone who lived in Europe and now lives in US , the same ''clowns'' run the matters in The US of A, they are CORPORATE AMERICA .
Sadly, as one of my American friends told me once,''The old glory's star & strips replaced, longtime ago, by logos & names of Major American Corporations.