Saturday, February 12, 2011

"Springster",...or snow melt

Although the last several daze have been well below freezing. Temps in the teens, and wind chills below zero! That, and snow squalls all the time, this afternoon for a while.

Did I mention we still have four, and five foot filthy piles of frozen slush everywhere.

Despite this.

In spite of all the frozen noise today there was a change in the air. The wind was still frost bite bait, but different.

The air had an edge of spring about it. The winds had the sweet scent of growing things. The trees were giving off springtime pheromones.

It's Springster!

Baby pigeons,..rats with wings, have hatched, and are starting to swarm about. Though freezing today had the feel of spring. One could actually feel warmth from the sun. A sensation not felt since maybe late October.

'Course this means that heat, and humidity are just weeks away. This because our spring only last at best 10, 12 days. There's two basic seasons around here,...Blizzard, and Heatwave.

Mind you we can still get two or three big ones in the next month or so. However we've turned the corner on this particularly Arctic winter of 2011.

What the heck. The show must go on.

Happy Springster!

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