Sunday, February 27, 2011

"Blowing in the Wind"

The "Don't Tread on Me" flag from our Revolutionary era has been captured like the Stars, and Stripes by the extreme right. Like dummies we let these characters keep'em too.

I think it's high time we took these symbols back because they belong to 'all' of us. All not just a relative handful of the grossly uninformed, superstitious, hostile, and or bigoted.

(...hey com'on sorry if I hurt ya feelings, but I said I was biased it's right up there on the mast head 'sides I'm pissed at all this supply side static.)

Anyway the Tea-Party folks claim the "Tread" flag is theirs, and only theirs now.

Imagine my surprise when I read that.

'Guess I should read the papers more often. In fact I missed the whole North African series of revolutions because I was sedated. Eh,..I'm having all sorts of scary medical things finally seen to. ...better late than never, or dead.

If this Mid-Western workers revolt pans out, and spreads the perfect symbol is our old snake dance totem. The "Don't Fuck with Us" flag.

Anyway "I'm pleased as punch" as former *Vice President Hubert Humphrey used to say. Pleased that folks have had enough and are kicking da bums out! Even looks like the United States of America might finally kick some butt too at last.

Where do I sign up. I don't wanna miss anymore of the Revolution!

*Old Hubert was for Civil Rights years before it was safe or made political sense. Too bad like Prez Johnson he became a cold warrior, and blew his humanist creds in Veit-Nam.

Btw in the videos below the best sign I saw was in support of the Teachers Union. It said,..."IF YOU CAN READ THIS SIGN THANK YOUR TEACHER!" that.


Anonymous said...

I believe Labor's rights is the cornerstone of a democratic society.

Zaek said...

I assume you're probably heard the bad news by now about the Republicans in Wisconsin getting around the Dems and circumventing the democratic process. If the Democrats don't kick their ass, then I surely hope the people do. For I agree with Anonymous: electoral rights alone do not a democracy make.