Sunday, August 15, 2010

"Watch ya Back"

"We're all Good, and all Evil"

I heard that on tv, and it's been rolling around in my head for awhile.

The constant mix of these items is the engine that drives our culture. Our day to day lives. Our ideas of who we are.

Good,and Evil.

Our primal needs vs temperance.

The control of the fearful things we don't dare do. ...mostly

Of course in nature where the rest of the biosphere lives these notions,..good, bad don't exist. Them guys is out there just surviving which is all the universe asks.

Whereas we're the ones with the big brains, and holy illusions that we judge reality by. On the other hand the whales, and dolphins are sentient, dogs too, but don't seem encumbered by saints or serial killers.

They're doing just fine. Well as long as they stay out of our nets or kennels.

Morality, Laws, Gawds are all so changeable. Like cuisine or hairstyles. One century slavery, and torture are seen as useful, and natural. The next human rights are all the rage.

In just my lifetime Jim Crow, legal racism was the law, and seen as normal, and natural. Now,..."Good morning Mr. President. Shall I corn-roll your hair."

The specifics may change, but the motivations for good, and evil stay the same. Which is to say confusing as hell.

I remember a "Star Trek" episode where some steamy alien, literally steamy, was perplexed by our custom of good'n evil.

"Your concepts of societal positives, and negatives use the same methods to achieve their ends." "Foolish Humanns,..what gives?!"

Hey you tell me pal.

Still you should see what's been in your former Uncle Sidney's head lately. Like what's his name sang, "...if my thought dreams could be seen. They'd probably put my head in a guillotine."

You betcha!

So here we are neurotic monkeys that have cracked the genetic code, invented income tax, pizza, oral sex, and have come to know we're in a multivese. Whereas only a moment ago we were flinging our turds at each other to mark our territory.

Then Gawd showed up.

Life has been Hot'n Merry with the Devil regularly taking the hindmost ever since.

Stay Tuned.


Anonymous said...

Very interesting, Sydney but have you seen the picture Josh has just posted of Tait?

If not get you arse over there.

Anonymous said...

I do not know which is more pronounced, your pessimism or your pederasty.