Thursday, August 26, 2010

"Cool Winds"

For all of July, and a chunk of August it was basically a zillion degrees, and humid as you can see by Babie's kitchen thermometer. Well you can imagine my surprise, and disorientation when I woke up to a strange sensation.

My heavens what could it be?

Ah I remember! It's cool! It's not 100f degrees, and there's Barbie,..well one of them below to prove it. Yeah okay it's a small matter, but still important.

Keep it coming Canada!

That's where all our cool winds come from. It flat Earth from the Emerald City to the Arctic Circle. Not a serious a mountain or hill to block the change of seasons. High time too.

Schools are opening soon. This brings back post traumatic nightmares of my youth. I didn't get raped, but I has the living crap beat out of my by disturbed nuns. More on my other blog "Royal Republic",..see link.

Drive carefully the little rug rats are going back to school, and wandering into the streets. Especially from between cars.

See robot nun below. The ones I dealt with were much larger, but they got the same size hearts.

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