Friday, August 27, 2010

"Hounds of Hell"

So they're finding mass graves in Mexico. I don't know how many,..a bunch.

Folks trying to get up here for a better life are being slaughtered by the drug cartels. This because they won't play ball. Carry drugs across the border or pay all they have to the gangs for the trip.

Shit I can't even think straight anymore. It don't help that I've been up for a few daze.

I should shut this blog thing down. Nothing, but bad news, and my mood swings. This age of Obama crap turned out to be a frigg'n nightmare. I might as well have stayed home election day.

We're basically fucked.

It ain't his fault really. 'Nobody' can fix this shit. We're sliding into a Dark Age, and that's all there is to it.

All I wanna do is win the Lotto, and build an fortified underground bunker somewhere.

I'll just watch tv, and eat Chinese take out till the the moon turns to blood, the stars fall from the sky the Earths gapes, and the Hounds of Hell pour forth to lay waste the surface of the world.

Well that or get better meds.

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Zaek said...

I could use some meds too. In my case a daily joint and a beer would do much to improve my mood.

My take is that what's happening in Mexico is a combined result of the War On Drugs and deepening economic degradation. As the latter intensifies, the former will have to be abandoned whether we wish to or not.

We are indeed sliding into a dark age. And no, it's not Obama's fault. He's just hired on to steady the course of empire, which was irrevocably aimed at the iceberg of catastrophe thirty years ago, and it's just his bad luck that we're now visibly starting to sink, though for the time being most people still manage not to notice this.

We're certainly fucked if we think we can carry on as we have been. We're going to have to adapt to circumstances that will prove radically different from the age of abundance which is now ending around us. Part of the changes will involve the political disintegration whose early phases we are witnessing. I find that for my own mental well being it's best to pay as little attention as possible to this inevitable process, and suggest that you may want to give this a try.

Obama's biggest mistake is his insistence that our "Way of Life" in "non-negotiable." What this means is that the utterly unsustainable, wildly energy and resource profligate mode of living we've been accustomed to in the past sixty years or so has become welded to the American sense of identity. This dooms us. Our ability to survive let alone prosper is proportional to our readiness to get over that idea and adapt to the world of relative scarcity that will inevitably replace the fantastic squandering of the past century.