Monday, August 23, 2010

"Guest Editorial"

"The Truth about my so-called pal Tinkerbell"

Jeez Sid, hadn't you heard about Tinkerbell?

When the Radical Iranians seized the U.S. Embassy in Tehran back in 1978, they found thousands of duplicate C.I.A. files on microfilm which had been stored in the Embassy, because as President Nixon put it,...

"The Shah is our kind of guy, and we can count on him keeping the Persian Gulf region under control forever."

Anyway, the Radi-Iranis reproduced the microfilmed files and circulated them to all the intelligence agencies in the First, Second and Third Worlds.

According to Tink's files, circulated by Khomeini's bully boys, old Walt Disney paid her extra monies from his off shore accounts to secretly report to him on the activities of the Lost Boys and Peter Pan.

The files on Peter Pan, aka Lt. Col. Ralph Greenbaum USMC weren't found in Iran. They, and the data on many of the 20th century's greatest secrets,..the Kennedy hits, Roswell, what, and who the astronauts found on the moon, and why we'll 'never' go back.

That, and the secret Roosevelt/Hitler/Vatican Treaty etc., are believed housed in the Disney Orlando facility.

I can say no more. Reporters have been disappeared for less than what has here been revealed.

Walt worried that the Lost Boys were radical liberal "New Dealers" or even socialists.

This because they had been homeless political activists when he got them under contract, and had made them live in company housing. Various revolutionary political tracts. Some advocating racial, and sexual justice circulated on the Disney lot were traced back to the Boys.

This did not make the Boss of the Mouse Factory happy.

When the House Un-American Activities Committee began its hearings in the 1950s which produced the Hollywood Blacklist of Commies, old Tinkerbell provided Chairman Martin Dies and H.U.A.C. with names, letters, diaries, information on meetings attended, and all sorts of incriminating stuff the "Boys" was up to.

The C.I.A. file also revealed that Tinkerbell received about 10% of the stock in the Disney Studio's by 'NOT' being entirely truthful with H.U.A.C.

Certain accounting ledgers, bank statements and correspondence that showed Walt Disney had been a silent partner in Lyric International Productions which made "art films" that 'could' be of interest to a certain variety scout masters.


All in all, Tinkerbell has always had a lot to be cheerful about. And arguably, she is even something of a humanitarian. This because ever since the Lost Boys yacht mysteriously exploded and sank off Baja California killing most of them. Tink has generously employed the few survivors as gardeners and pool boys on her estate on Mulholland Drive.

The boys lost all their papers when the yacht sank so Tink used her political connections through her work for H.U.A.C., and the Area 51 Alien Technologies recovery efforts to bring the Boys back across the border.

They're officially Mexican guest workers with Green Cards. However by Armed Forces Intelligence regulations they're legally dead, and so can be used as expendable fodder in future black ops.

However in their "guest worker" persona's they can remain in the States as long as they work Tink's estates, and keep their mouths shut. So, you see Tink, despite her grey ops work, is good at spreading happiness to others.

Eh, her own way.



Zaek said...

So now we know why she always seemed a little shifty.

Where was the Pan when the boat blew up? Did he get "taken care of" too?

I bet she likes to pull head trips and play kinky master/slave games with her captive employees. Not all fairies are nice!

graymogul said...


Anonymous said...

Zaek's right, the greatest trick the faeries pulled was convincing mankind they were nice.