Wednesday, August 4, 2010

"My Meds, and Scary Toy Soldiers"

After two weeks of hell. I finally got my damned bleeping meds. See above a welcoming trio. There was a quartet, but the violist, also in withdrawal is currently climbing the Chrysler Building in her shorts while singing the Pearl Fishers Duet,..alone.

Oh Maestro Enrico Caruso!

We are graced on this troubled world but few times a century with a voice such as his.

However back to my petty problems. Yeah I got my nut haus meds, and it costs twice as much. Brand new Color! Steeper Price! Same Great Effect! Yes Effexsor or as we call it around the ranch,...Venlafaxine Hydrochloride.

Among the most dangerous of all the anti-depressants!

Now in the handy summer holiday suicide kit, and the new family fruity flavored Bam Bam, and Pebbles junior pack.

Try it today!

I was in the deranged rage, and vengeance phase of my on going withdrawal from anti-psychotic drugs when I went again to the pharmacy to score a renewal of my deadly meds.

For those just joining this current saga of my too interesting life. My doc made himself scarce for a few weeks thereby making it impossible to renew my meds. Soooo I went into a toxic withdrawal,...basically all the worse parts of the Bible.

Btw I'm on a two week medical leave to recover from all this. Yeah I'm blessed as heck. I have pals, family, and comrades at work that care if I live or die.

Ya can't beat that.

Anyway after daze of living hell my pusher'n me we re-connected, and I got my hit of the scagg. I just popped down a dose a few minutes ago. If I don't keel over tonight I'll let ya know what the deal is.

As for the toy soldiers the German SS ground pounder is from my formerly vast collection of such things. Yeah he's a bit chipped, and roughed up, me.

The WW1 Tommy is from a listener to my radio program in Brisbane Australia. The wonders of the internet

Listen to our commie radio station at

Apparently bags of plastic toy soldiers out in the Commonwealth are brown as opposed to the American equivalent which are green.

As kiddies we got bags of green G.I.'s to re-enact the WW2 Guadalcanal Pacific Campaign, and other swell stuff on the living room floor. Little did we know that a few seasons later we'd get to do the 'real' thing in the former Republic of South Veit-Nam.

I wonder what color other countries make their toy soldiers in. This to indoctrinate their future cannon fodder. There's a dissertation in this somewhere.

Now this is point blank scary.

What the,...??????!!!!

I actually thought it couldn't get worse. Toy(?!) Machine-gun.


Anonymous said...

Hopefully finally some relief is onn the way!!!!!

To carry your analogy one step further, having been there myself, being i withdrawal from anti-depressants it does feel as if you are nat war with yourself.

"Roses are red, violets are blue....I'm a schizophrenic, and I'm one too!!!

Hang in there ism on the way.....

Mr. Chips

Uncle 2012 said...

Thanks Chippings. Bless your heart. We'll see where we go fro here.

Zaek said...

Glad you got the meds! How awful of big pharma to have jacked the price on you. That's what they do best, I guess. I hope your access continues henceforth sans interruption, and hopefully covered by insurance or something like it.

Anonymous said...

BTW if this ever happens again, you might want to try picking up some St. John's Wort caps at your local pharma. They are non prescription. While they are probably not what you are on nor as powerful, they may keep the wolf at the door until the cavalry comes to the rescue.

Mr. Chips