Sunday, August 22, 2010

"Aw Sid, Holy Crap will you Cheer Up!"

What the hell's your problem pal?! Don't you 'ever' have anything positive to say?!

I mean Com'on! It ain't 'that' bad out there. Hey ya know we loves ya Uncle, but ya start'n to freak us out.

Geez, you need to get out more, get laid, get stoned,..somethin' fer christ's sakes.

Say why don't you invite some comrades over to polish off them bottles of wine ya got stashed in the fridge from last Christmas.

They ain't gonna drink themselves ya know.

Believe me you'll feel better, and so we we. Go have some frigg'n laffs for a change.

Love, and Faerie Dust,


(Tinkerbell's day job with the Ad Agency. Hey somebody has to support Peter, and his hoodlums out on that island.)


Bodmin said...

Yeah, and what about the psychotropic additives that the CIA was slipping into Peter Pan Peanut Butter to "spread" among Americans, to test their effect on children? We know they were spiking the bread here in Europe in similar experiments.

Anonymous said...

I understand that Peter Pan peanut butter also worked well as a sexual lubricant.