Friday, September 26, 2008

"We're Fucked"

I don't have to tell you anything. You know what's going on. ...good luck.


a11ende said...

I later read/heard(?) that this caused a bank run in Hong Hong. There has been scant news about this, so it is hard to confirm, and if it were a true story there would be lots of reasons why it would be kept out of public attention.

Plan: buy sacks of rice and beans. Start window box gardening again. Salad greens can be grown year round. Continue to knit hats.

Remember you are only alone if you choose. CHIRP :)

Uncle Sidney said...

I like your plan. That's what folks did during the Great Depression. I remember stories my Grandma, and Mom told me of those times.

Especially the sacks of rice.

Grandma still bought rice by the 20, and even 40lb. sack into the 1960's.

She never forgot, and was always ready.

Gardening is a good idea. Year 'round veggie gardens.

In spring, and summer on your window sill, and in winter in a room set aside as a hot house.

We can learn about proper lighting, and composting from all our pals that grow dope.

Thank you,..I'm starting to see I'm
not alone.