Friday, September 12, 2008

"WTC Memorial Lights"

I was out tonight walking around town. Many visitors were either going to or coming from the various memorial services. There was sort of a strange hush over the city.

Like when it snows, and street noises are muffled. People spoke to each other as well. Especially locals that were here on the Day.

Conversations about where they were, what they felt now, or if they'd lost anyone.

Me, on the 'Day'. I was stuck on the Brooklyn side of the Manhattan Bridge. Soldiers had closed it for fear that the city's spans were next.

I didn't get into downtown till the next day. My radio station where I was Operations Director at the time is only four blocks from Ground Zero.

Other than some damaged windows, and smoke we got off okay, least then. Now many that were on duty for the emergency are getting sick.

Some have breathing problems, some other symptoms. I ended up with killer headaches for a time. We 'all' have the dreams. Even now they still come.

...but we're still here making trouble so fuck'em.

As I've said there's no rebuilding going on. It's all mired in the traditional New York corruption, and greed.

Maybe nothing will go up for years more. That's okay. I think they should just leave it all alone, and let nature reclaim it.

I don't mean a park. I mean wild nature growing over the wreckage.

Trees, grass, and vines engulfing the abandoned trucks, and rusting pipes from the long stalled re-construction.

A perfect NYC memorial to the Attack.



Anonymous said...

Hey Sid, i've been feeling the heavy weight of the world all week. The US election, 9/11, the greeting cards of wind and water that mother nature sends us every now and then. It seems that humanity is in its last self-destructive days.

It helps me to remember that the human race and this planet we have raped for centuries, are but a speck of dust, a blink of a gnats eye.

Look up at the stars and believe that we are insignificant, that all we can do is love eachother and be the best people that we can be... after that, it's out of our hands.. (Haleakala ku hanohano) The mountain is bigger than me... Peace and love your way.. Tristan

Uncle Sidney said...

I hear ya comrad. Still'n all hang on we got jobs to do, and that's that. We don't have the luxury of punking out.

Folks depends on us both here in the Blogsphere, and in the 'real' world.

We can't let them down.

The Earth abides, remember that. The Earth is stronger than we know. So is the Human Spirit.

Go to the beach. I'm going to Central Park. We both need a few hours off from the trenches.