Monday, September 8, 2008

"Coney Island, 1898-2008"

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A grim fucked up world was made just a little stinkier with the heart breaking news this afternoon that our beloved "Coney Island" was shutting it's rusty gates forever. Our dear threadbare, refuge has been devoured by greed, and shortsighted capitalist stupidity.

Well nevermind all the Marxist jazz. The nazi fucks have taken our ancient public common away. In any other country there'd be riots over this by millions of outraged proles. The bastards couldn't even leave us the last three frigg'n blocks of our well worn, comfy, public turf!

Here's da story...

NEW YORK (AP) -- The owner of Coney Island's Astroland said Thursday she is calling it quits and the historic amusement park will close for good on Sunday.
With two dozen rides on three acres, Astroland covers a large part of Coney Island.

Carol Albert, whose family has owned the Brooklyn amusement park for a half century, said she gave up on negotiating a two-year lease with Thor Equities after the developer missed a Thursday deadline to reply.

The park was under threat of closing a year ago, but Thor -- which owns the land under the park -- and Astroland agreed to a one-year lease extension. It was not clear if another last-minute reprieve was possible this year.

Albert said she wanted a two-year lease this time, to cover the summers of 2009 and 2010, because her 300 employees needed more job security.

Albert's father-in-law, Dewey Albert, unveiled the outer-space-themed Astroland park in 1962. For years, its future has been the focus of bickering among the developer, the ride operator and city officials.


Here's a video from last summer when we dodged the bullet. 'But this time they got us in the Heart. Also a longer video about our dear Coney Island in her heyday!

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Uncle Sidney said...

We will miss you old friend.