Thursday, September 11, 2008


Oh how well I remember all this. Robert Kennedy's funeral train to Washington. So like Roosevelt's train as my parents told me. Perhaps not unlike Lincoln's in emotional weight.

So many hopes rode with him to his grave. Hope not reignited till 40 years later with the Obama bid for the highest office. Even the Kennedy family have said this. When I found this footage of the funeral train which I haven't seen in four decades it all came back. As if it were only days ago.

Never mind my nasty, deranged,cynical rants below. All that was just the edgy symptoms of worry, and sleep deprivation.

I still hope. I still dream.

All of us that were there. All of us that worked so hard for change. We 'still' have hope that this country can be what it says it is. Free. A Free Nation for All.

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Anonymous said...

Comrade Sydney: It is good for you that the candidacy of Barack Obama has rekindled your hope which was dampened or extinguished by the assassinations and warfare of the 1960s. But you could have re-established your "hope" decades earlier if you had joined the S.D.S. You see, Comrade, when we scattered to the four winds -- went underground -- we each of us took part of the S.D.S. treasury to hide it from the capitalist pigs. And actually, there was a sizeable sum in the S.D.S. treasury. An agent-provacteur of the F.B.I. had provided us with a liberal subsidy so we could publish "New Left Notes" -- the S.D.S. newsletter -- as well as other activities. Well, to make a long story short, all of us shrewdly invested the S.D.S. treasury money in oil companies, computer companies specializing in covert surveilance, "real estate investment trusts" (REITs) which specialized in subsidized housing, commercial nursing home companies, and tobacco companies.
Now that S.D.S. has the funds to launch a real revolution we have organized ourselves as venture capitalists. As soon as General Motorsand Ford file for bankruptcy protection, we comrades plan to acquire both for 2 or 3 cents on the dollar; fire all the U.A.W. workers, and move the assembly lines to Indonesia. Hey, it works for Nike and Rebok. Yours in Revolutionary Solidarity, Chaybin the Red.