Friday, September 5, 2008

"Since I have your attention..."

Yeah I'm kidding I know there's no one there. Just like old times. I'm back to playing to empty seats like the washed up ham I am. It's my blogs, and I'll piss'n whine if I want to.

What the hell,..all good things'n all that.

Still not long ago I drew over half a million viewers, assorted deranged perverts, and cops into my tent of mostly legal wonders. Hey I gave the rubes what they wanted.


Now I'm all cynical, nasty, and realistic, and that don't play well anywhere. Humm, maybe I should get better meds. On the other hand a pal said that the ones that still come around are the real fans. Also I'm no longer such an inviting target for the heat, and their 'net helpers.

True. I did dance on the edge of the abyss for a while. There's just so many times you can duck bullets till one of 'em gets wise, and ducks with you.


I don't look good in orange. So now I play nice, and the crowds have gone on to the next suicidal clown.

Which is at heart what all of us in the communications mediums are. We just don't wear the nose or floppy shoes,..usually.

This clip proves that there are too many video cameras out there.


Bodmin said...

I mean, it is a bit hard to get enthused to even comment, when things are so universally gawdawful. Like, your picture at the top only serves to remind me of the news that Astroland is to be bulldozed so Blumburg's pals can put up condos on the beach at Coney Island.

Anonymous said...

Sidney, don't despair! This is still one of the great places left in the electronic realm.

Uncle Sidney said...

Greetings Comrads.

Aw, I'm okay just a little bummed out what with all the shit'n all. Thanks anonymous you're very kind. Yeah Comrad Bodmin it sucks,..all of it.

Still the image of Santa's dead bloated elves, and reindeer floating belly up in the melted arctic ocean like dead rats in the punch bowl at a Mafia wedding gives me a small chuckle.

Global Warming is fucking hilarious!

Uncle Sidney said...

Btw, I 'really' like the creepy clown puppet in the video. I gotta get one of them.

I'll carry it with me onto the subway. I'll sit the little demon on my lap, and feed him dog food.

Then we'll have loud, spirited conversations about about blowing up train tunnels, and such.

'But then this is New York, one would pay attention or notice.