Sunday, September 28, 2008

"Less fucked that I thought"

Sure the economy, and everything connected to it is circling the drain. Still that's no reason to get upset. Some comrads, and I are making plans to go to D.C. for Obama's swearing in.

Nothing like a big party to jump start a country. Wow it's gonna be great. It'll be like FDR, JFK, and Mr. Spock taking office to save our collective butts.

Gee Michelle Obama even looks like a black Jackie "O". She even has them damned pearls.

Okay this is a fantasy, but I like it.

However by what I'm seeing, and if they don't shoot him. Looks like Obama 'might' make it. Yeah I know this guy ain't 'Batman', far as we know anyway. So shit probably won't change all that much, but it 'will' change a bit.

That's at least a good start.

Anyway like I sez some of us is going down for the party,..I'll take snaps, and post them here. I'll be the guy in the party hat pissing on the FBI building.

Stay Tuned.

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