Saturday, September 6, 2008


I always liked General Sherman. Look at 'em. Clearly the guy's nuts, and don't care who knows. Yep if you're gonna burn down a city ya wants a fella like "Mad Billy" to do the job. As he used to say,..."War is Heck" or something like that.

As for myself my latest mania is patriotic indeed. No I'm not burning Atlanta. I'll leave that to the Crips. What I'm about is dressing up as Civil War guy. Specifically a 9th Cav. horse soldier. I've always had a thing for the re-enactors stuff, but was too busy, and generally too poor to take part.

I'm still poor, but no longer as busy so I'm ordering a uniform with all the doodads so I can march in the Halloween Parade in Greenwich Village this year.

The "Billy Yank" on the left here is an officer with the 1863 New York Volunteers. I thought I might go in his direction. However it might be better to start with something more modest so like I sez I'll try the horse soldier route first. I really like their get up. So I'm going whole hog. Gloves, army cowboy hat, boots, saber, army .58 cal colt, and holster the whole shebang.

Granted I might have a problem explaining the big knife, and six shooters to the cops, but what the hell it's Halloween. I'm sure New York's Finest will have a sense of humor about it, and not shoot me 41 times,...right?

As for why in da world I'd do something this nuts,..and expensive. Well I think this all goes back to the politically incorrect male fascination with the extermination of most of the natives folks. Eh,.."cowboys, and indians?" As soon as I was old enough to realize that I was 'really' playing "S.S., and Jews" I stopped.

However that didn't mean I didn't miss the hell out of it . Damn! I wanted to be a cowboy more than I wanted to be a Queer Drag Queen! Yeah that's how serious it was. So at long last I can live both incorrect fantasies. I can wear makeup, 'and' dress like a cowboy!

One annoys the Feminists, the other insults Native folks.

Well gimme a break it's my shabby life I'm gonna be a gawd damned cowboy! ...sort'a. What I'll be is a Union Army Colored Horse Soldier, re-enactor, gunning for Confederate slave holders.

Well okay most southern grunts was just regular guys defending their homes'n familes, and didn't have no slaves. However let's not get distracted with confusing facts.

Basically I wants to be this guy. Cool huh!

(...yeah, sure I'm still kind'a a pacifist, and all. 'But hey I'm having a fantasy alright.)


a11ende said...

Let me suggest a test run with your new duds prior to Halloween...

SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 21st, 9PM -late, FREE, 21+

Nowhere ( 322 E 14th St , NYC)

Uncle Sidney said...

Well usually I prefer to be part of the audience.

However I have a feeling if I show up at "Queer Fetish" in my cowboy outfit I might end up being the center attraction.

...or at least one of them.

This being the case I'll get very stoned before I go.

a11ende said...

So your on? Your right about being one of the centers of attraction...

it's all about love...