Saturday, April 23, 2011

"Spare Change?"

That me there when I voted for what's his name last time.


Anybody but Obama said...

Have you seen this? He's already said Manning is guilty. Everyday I can hardly believe what Obama says and does.

I am ready to vote for anybody but this buffoon. He screwed us. Plain and simple.

Anonymous said...

Good grief!

It keeps getting worse.

Zaek said...

I am ready to vote for nobody. That's the best candidate we're certain to get.

Bodmin said...

Where's the poster that reads "Four Terms for Dubbya!"?

Anonymous said...


With Bush we knew what we had on our hands from day one.

Obama lied through his teeth and fucked us royally and far beyond anyone's worst expectations.

I maintain that it would have been far better had G. W. Bush been able to serve another term since he would have never been able to get away with what Obama has shoved down our throats and up our asses.

Zaek said...

I think that's true about Bush. Though he wasn't the option in 2008, McPain was - the dead guy, as Sidney aptly calls him. McPain reminds me of Inspector Clouzot's grouchy boss from the Pink Panther movies - you know, the one with the facial tic whose eye uncontrollably twitches, especially when he's starting to go around the bend. Even McPain's fellow Republicans thought him too mean-tempered to be President. If he'd gotten in I suppose he'd have nuked the world by now.

We hoped for a knight in shining armor to end our war(s), close gitmo, polish America's tarnished reputation, restore civil liberties, resuscitate ailing entitlement programs, rescue the economy and bring us health care. Instead we have a tool who bent over backwards to help BP evade the consequences of its criminal negligence and hasn't breathed a word about prosecuting those responsible for the multi-trillion-dollar larceny that seems to have become standard practice on Wall Street, and in fact appoints many of them to high regulatory office. In short, we have not a Dark Knight but a Step'n Fetchit who works for da massa. He's probably mixing up a mint julep right now.

Anonymous said...

Zaek, over this side of the pond we see O'Bummer as exploiting the Gulf of Mexico disaster for domestic political gain and view Halliburton and Transocean as at least as culpable as BP. Given the record of those two companies that is a viable view.

You got Black Jebus as Prezdent 'cos the powers that be decreed you would. He is just another placeman in the game, kick up too much and you will get Palin next!
All you old lefties have got to stop whinging and gird your loins once again because the game is afoot and you lose the next round probably your Union will follow it.

Anonymous said...

Holy shit Kinkynik, if it were only the BP thing in the Gulf of Mexico, I would kick up my heels and start dancing. Obama fucked us on all counts. America deserves Palin. The world deserves Palin, especially the UK from whence this putrid Union came.

The UK died long ago, America is now in its death throes, and Europe is all but over. In fact even Asia, Latin America and Africa have little to look forward to.

Admit it, we're fucked. The time line is all but irrelevant at the speed at which we're travelling. It's over. Kiss your ass goodbye.

Sion said...

Winston Churchill (whose scrotum-tightening prose gave the British their myth of the 'bulldog breed', 'blood, sweat and tears', 'finest hour' and all the rest of that gushy stuff) also famously remarked when he had been resurrected a second time to serve in a Conservative government in the 1950's, that he 'would not preside over the dismemberment of the British Empire'. The old coot could spot a dud job when he saw one, and he had the wit to duck out in time.

Not so, Obama, alas. It's beginning to look as if they wheeled on the Loyal Black Fella because no other American politico outside of a lunatic asylum would touch the job with a Salem broomstick.

Which is why I still feel sorry for the guy. Did he really think they would have let him stand for election under any other circumstances? This was the last trick - the final bluff of a busted poker player. And it hasn't worked.

Fact is, it is a lot easier to administer an empire when it is on the upstroke than when it is in decline. With me Obama's performance will count as a success if he manages to avoid any further entanglements in the Middle East and serves out his term without being assassinated.

In the circumstances that is as much as we can hope for.

But the story isn't finished yet. 'They' (the political establishment in Washington) might have played their last card, but the game goes on. When an Empire falls, what finally hits the ground is a lot different from what initially began to topple. It's going to be rough, but it's not necessarily all going to be bad.

Vote for hope. Go on - do it again!

Uncle Sydney 2012 said...

As I mentioned below, and repeat if you missed it flames will not be tolerated here.

Everyone should know that by now.

No hate of any kind will to allowed here against 'anyone' for any reason.
If you cannot control your hostile passions go elsewhere.


Uncle Sydney 2012 said...

As for my hero well in many ways I'm glad my folks didn't live to see it all go to hell.

Finally a Colored guy in the White Palace, and not as a servant or slave. Yeah we got'em alright. We really should have been careful what we wished for.

Reminds me of the 1970's, and 80's. When Black mayors started getting elected in major cities.

Major economically dying cities.

When they let the Black guy win it's always when the game is over.

...we should'a known.

Anonymous said...

Sidney, you should learn the difference between "hate" and "tough love".