Thursday, April 14, 2011

"Bourgeois Escape Arks"

Looking for a way to save not only your hide, but you ill-gotten billions too. Well seems a Saudi company is designing a prototype city-sea ark for them that can afford a berth. Click on the images for details.

Shades of that scary flick "2012".

If they go through with their plans they intend to build, and launch several self sufficient "City Ships" to ride out the War for food, and water that's looming on everyone's horizon.

They say these tubs will be "un-sinkable".

This since half of the dough nut shaped vessels will be underwater to begin with.

Um, I'd prefer a stateroom 'above' the waterline if ya don't mind.

Just to be on da safe side.

This being a Saudi project the servants, and crew will be mostly slaves, and indentured "guest workers". I imagine the inevitable mutiny by these proles should kick in about year two or three of the voyage.

The ark being so high tech the plutocrats will be keel hauled via conveyor belt. The sharks will be well fed 'that' day!

Eat the Rich,...and their little dogs too!

Actually this flick has came, and went however it seems there was more truth to it that we imagined. The planet has gone nuts cities 'are' collapsing, and the world economy's foundations have cracked, and large chunks are breaking off.

Still all that's no reason not to go to Coney Island. The new season opens in a few weeks. If the city is still here then I'm going.


Uncle 2012 said...

I have to admit this isn't the sort of stuff I thought I'd be posting in the middle of the Obama administration.

I was just reading the stary eyed bullshit I was putting up on this blog just before, and after the last election.

Boy were we PLAYED.

Anyway store up them beans, nuts water, and shot gun shells comrades. We're in for a hell of a ride.

Zaek said...

All vessels are half submerged underwater to begin with. Notice that this didn't stop the Titanic from becoming more fully submerged.

Eventually the proles, having carried out their revolutionary agenda, will have to figure out how to distribute among themselves the labor necessary to operate their liberated vessel. Sticky politics are likely to ensue.

I believe at least one IRL Bourgeois Escape Ark is already in operation, or at the very least on the drawing board. I wouldn't be surprised if several are launched eventually. One wonders how in time of crisis they will manage their lines of supply.

Uncle 2012 said...

They could become pirates. Not the plutocrats they're long since shark food.

I mean the crews of the Peoples Fleet of Free Arks.

When they run out of champagne, and micro-wave fish'n chips. They could raid various ports.

After all they'll no doubt have large armories.

These were originally intended to keep them in line, but now can be used to plunder likely seaports.

'Course this assumes that the Navy isn't there much anymore. If we go down like the old CCCP it won't be.

On the other hand we could have a peaceful system of barter with the many depressed towns, and tent cities along the ruined coast of our former Empire.

This would be nicer.

Anonymous said...

Why the little doggies, Syd ?

Zaek said...

Because that's what the Wicked Witch said:

Nowadays she works for the Republicans.