Thursday, April 21, 2011

"American Life"

Cops handcuffed a 7-year-old at a Queens school after he became upset while decorating an Easter egg, his mom said.

Joseph Anderson, a first-grader at Public School 153 in Maspeth, was taken to Elmhurst Hospital Center in metal cuffs, even though his mother told school officials she was on her way to pick him up, mom Jessica Anderson said.

"He was crying and saying, 'I want Mommy,'" Mrs. Anderson said. "Why handcuff him? Why get the cops involved? He's only 7."

The little boy has begun wetting himself in the middle of the day and throwing up since the April 13 incident, his distraught mom said.

"If he hears an ambulance, he runs under the bed and screams, 'They're going to get me,'". "He's really traumatized. I don't let him watch the news anymore, because if he sees cops, he cries."

Anderson said the school called her about 12:30 p.m. to tell her Joseph - who has attention deficit-disorder was not having a good day, and she said she would pick him up.

Turns out, things were far worse than she imagined.

The boy told her he became upset because the color on the egg he was painting didn't look the way he wanted, and staffers threatened to send him to the hospital if he didn't stop crying.

Scared, the boy then jumped up on the table and said, "I just want my mommy," his mother said.

(NY Daily News)

Do I have to say the lad was Black. Also no way I'm posting his picture like the papers did to add to his trauma. I'm trying to imagine anything like this happening at the Wilson School or any of those other plutocrat incubators on the Upper East Side.

Lawsuit heaven!


Oink Oink said...

Sidney, the nice policeman is there to help you. Don't you know that?

edpacht1 said...

I'll just bet his classmates are nearly as traumatized as he is. What a travesty! Police can indeed be friends and very helpful -- I've seen countless examples, BUT authority abused (as it sometimes is) is an ugly and hurtful thing. This should not happen, and should never be tolerated, nd the officer needs to be disciplined.


Anonymous said...

Oh, you're such a defender of the status quo Ed! Spare me!
You sound like a "utopian" you so despise when you say things like "this should not happen" and it "should never be tolerated".

The fact of the matter is that we hardly need our police state mentality where we throw everybody into prison at the drop of a hat. That's what should never happen and never be tolerated. The pigs are fucking bastards. Stop pretending otherwise.

Anonymous said...


How the fuck can you attempt to mitigate the offences of anyone that handcuffs a seven year old ?

Or any minor come to that ?

If that is the only reaction the filth who were there have, who shouldn't have been involved anyway, they should be dismissed.

Anonymous said...

Ed Pacht is a devout Xian Utopian who believes this life is only a "lead up" to what happens after you are dead and get to hold hands with Jesus in a totally fictitious afterlife.

Here's what Paul Craig Roberts had to say about our friendly policemen. By the way, Paul Craig Roberts was Under Secretary of the U. S. Treasury under Ronald Reagan and an Editor of the Wall Street Journal.

"Police in the US now rival criminals, and exceed terrorists as the greatest threat to the American public." - Paul Craig Roberts

Forget about Ed Pacht! He's a long standing status quo ass kissing scum bag.

Uncle Sydney 2012 said...

Comrade Anonymous ed is my pal as are you all, and this is my house where you are all welcome.


So no more flames period.

Some may recall my shutting off comments because of this.

So disagree all you like ,but control your passions.
my dear comrade, and always welcome.

Anonymous so are you, but chill.