Monday, April 18, 2011

"My Baby Grew Up"

This is my G-d Child Heather Leigh West. Yeah I actually have a family both chosen, and blood. My gawd look at my sweetie ain't she something! 'Course to me she's still 12 years old, and always will be.

Bless you kid you've made ya old Uncle proud!

Btw no that's 'not' me in supplication at her feet. That's an actor,...I hope.

Okay here's the question. Are there any heterosexual males in the video business at all?!!

I have to ask Heather.

Hey I'm a Queer from way back, but even I see it. Wow ya can't throw a hair roller without slamming a fellow traveler between the eyes,..especially on Heather's shoots.

Not that I mind ya understands. I'm just saying is all.

Still Bless your Heart kid, and keep'em coming!


Zaek said...

You do realize don't you Sidney that the traditional duty of a godparent is to provide the godchild with religious instruction? So I assume she is well versed in the content of your theology blog, and can quote it verse and chapter.

Zaek said...

P.S. - She is very beautiful.

I don't know about gays in the video biz, but I suppose it's like gays and Jews in the theater. If you try to throw them out like the Nazis did, pretty soon you don't have much of a theater.