Wednesday, November 26, 2008

"Underground Railroad"

Lionel is selling its first-ever subway train set, modeled after the New York MTA's R-27 subway cars that were in service up until the early 1990s. These are the same cars that were re-painted red in the '70s and '80s in an effort to discourage graffiti, earned them the nickname "Redbirds".

According to Wikipedia, the R27s were "'Protestant' married pairs, which means that they were coupled together as pairs." The Lionel replicas are Protestant pairs, as well.

The "O" scale cars are finished in a kale green enamel, have real working opening doors and also speak out the subway stops recorded from the subway itself. The four-car (two pairs) set can be had for around $600.

...Above from:

I always wanted one of these! A real "Lionel Subway Train Set". "O" gage too, big Mama! We had a huge electric train layout in our basement as I was growing up in the 1950's, and 60's. I guess many kids did back then.

However there were no subway sets. So my dad improvised. He put a bunch of regular passanger trains in front a locomotive, and presto! The "F" train!


It didn't look anything like a subway, certainly not the "F", 2,3,4, or even "D", not even close, but we settled. Btw, my dad built a subway line underneath the regular railway stuff on our layout. Yeah he crafted two seriously cool layers.

He put together this whole underground subway world. Gee, the new Lionel sets would've looked great down there.

Hey Dad if you're reading my blogs in Paradise., I can explain them Queer ones, ...ahem, um don't tell Granny alright.

...let 'me' explain when I get there.

Anyway the racist, nazi, midwest-centric, anti-urban bastards at Lionel finally issued the subway set we both wanted! One hitch.

The damned thing is nearly $1000 bucks with all the trimmings. $700. plain. $400. for two "dummies". ("Dummies" is 'train nut' talk for powerless coaches.)

'and this at the start of a new Depression!

Don't them jokers read the papers?! Who da hell do they think is gonna buy this crappy stuff at them prices.

The middleclass is currently fucked, and the poor ain't been 'seen' since all that mysterious "hamburger meat" suddenly went on sale.

I'll wait till they goes bankrupt, and buy 2 sets for $25. bucks each.

This shouldn't take long given their suicidal business sense.

I'm Patient.

(...the beloved "F" Train.)

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Anonymous said...

There there, have your pill and a drink uncle... We's all gonna be ok... and that from an old white guy :) ::hug:: Tristan