Sunday, November 30, 2008

"Cobbly Baby"

Cobblies are those little folk that live in your house, and make those noises you can never track down. They also help themselves to your food, watch your tv, and play your cd's when you're at work or class.

These sweeties are related to faeries, but distantly. Which is to say they're not as nice.

Nevertheless they are 'useful' to your household. If you're good to your "House Cobblies" in return they'll protect you, and your home,...mostly.

They draws the line at getting involved in any armed house invasion situations. If the Crips busts in on your crib your on ya own.

For that problem get some Pitt Bulls, and feed them a steady diet of Angel Dust and Whiskey. Do this, and that "home invasion" stuff is 'off' your worry list.

However house training your kennel of red eyed, sabre fanged, hopped up, and binged out demon hounds is another matter.

Hey ya can't have everything.

The particular Cobbly above responds to the name "Fruitloop". Yeah I know, but never mind.

Anyhow sleeping beauty there has been following me around since the 8th grade. He passed notes for me in study hall.

Also these guys stay little for a real long time. Nobody knows how long Cobbly's live.

" old as trees, some say older than the mountains",...if ya buy all that Hallmark channel after school whooie about them.

When I finally gets my new home this little guy/gal, I was never sure. Fruitloop there will spontaneously generate more like his/her self, and we're off to the races,...again.

Stay tuned.

(Click on the snaps if you dare! The Cute factor goes off the scale.)

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