Thursday, November 27, 2008

"Homeless Faerie"

Well besides having big feet our homeless Faerie here is of course invisible. At least to most human eyes, and digital cameras.

'But trust me he's sleeping there on the bench.

That's his "refugee bag", excessively large boots, and Draco Malfoy doll plain as day,..or in this case night. Anyhow the collapsed economy, and his 'less' than sturdy family ties have tossed our sweetheart out into the cold.

The plight of homeless faeries like that of the downsized, and homeless middle class has been ignored for too long.

So if you see,, that's right they're invisible.

Well if you notice faerie shoes, (..size 12 wide), random dolls, and or magic refugee bags about you'll know you're in a nest of forsaken Faeries.

Have a heart.

Spread some candy, and $100. dollar bills about. Faeries just loves this sort'a thing. Especially da dough. So remember, candy, and currency. Make a faerie happy.

You'll be glad ya did.

Oh yeah. Support Obama's "Faerie Bailout Initiative",, this one is seriously close to home if ya know what I mean.

Now if ya like please watch this video my pal "Jay" made, and go to his swell youtube channel in my cluttered links patch.

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