Saturday, November 29, 2008

"Gimme a Break!

Com'on can't them nazi bastards wait till the guy takes da Oath?!

Actually I like the scary one with the Commie hammer'n cycle.

I'll wear it next summer to annoy people on the subway.


Cassandra said...

Oh, come on Uncle, you know why whiteys are buying AK-47s and other assault rifles in record numbers - and it ain't to put in junior's Christmas stocking, or, like the BBC is telling those of us around the world who are watching developments in the US with growing unease, because they are all gun collectors who want to 'grandfather' certain kinds of weapons in their collections before the Communists, er, I mean Democrats, tighten up the legislation on gun sales.

Uncle Sidney said...

Yes the guns are being readied here, and Europe also is changing it's tune.

They've gone from the "Obamamainia" of last spring to something less hopeful today.

Many politicians, even heads of state over there are saying outright racist things about our Prez-Elect.

I think it's finally sunk in that Obama isn't just another vain, and silly, stupid Black pop star for them to laff at, and or adore.


This 'Colored Guy' is now The Most Powerful Cat in the WORLD!

It seems not as many can deal with 'this' history changing fact as was thought earlier.

Stay Tuned.

Bodmin said...

The European insults have come from Berlusconi, a.k.a. da capo di tutti capos, and (except by a bare majority of Italians) he is regarded as a buffoon. His latest act has been to appoint the successful owner of the McDonald's franchise in Italy, who took the chain from eight branches in 1992 to over 400 today, to be in charge of preserving Italy's art. His answer: corporate sponsorship of works. Like, McDonalds will sponsor the Last Supper. The only small adjustment that will have to be made is scattering some Big Macs and McNuggets on the table, and a McFlurry Shake right in front of JC where the chalice is now. One shudders to think who he has in mind for Michelangelo's David: perhaps a circumcision clinic?

Uncle Sidney said...

'...and our Lord did pass the burgers to His disciples."

"And the disciple John did eat his fill, and did passth prolonged gas."

"Verily the Pharisees did nose out the our Lord, and his blessed disciples."

"...and there upon did all hell break loose!"