Wednesday, November 26, 2008

"Thanksgiving Cactus"

There's a variety of cactus plant that flowers at the year end holidaze. My wonderful hosts of recent daze are the gleeful guardians the one such plant. As you can see above these sweethearts are going to town with their budding, and blooming.

I spent a few very peaceful days with the good Rt. Reverend RPM, and Mrs. As I say in a comment around here,..."I was fed, watered, scrubbed, and rested."

What more can one ask.

In the arms of beloved pals one feels safe, and at peace, and so I was.

Above is the "vat'o raspberry tea" into which I was dunked by my pals for a ritual cleansing. There also was a strange business involving peanut butter, and steamed chicken.

Something about driving out evil spirits.

Later we visited a particularly 'stinky' supermarket, at which everything was behind 5 inch thick bullet proof glass. I was told that they had fresh(?!) goat heads.

Apparently the 'head' comes with a disposable mallet which one uses to crack open the skull. The goat being mostly dead would probably not protest this final indignity.

The clerk,..(inmate?), at the counter informed us that "Nig-Knocking", as he tastefully put it wasn't really necessary. As after the head is properly cooked one could easily eat the contents,..the brains, through the former eye sockets with a long spoon.

These were available he,..(she?) informed us for only $3.99 for a box of six.

Um, we declined these gracious offers, and fled to "Targets' to window shop, and have hot dawgs. Other than the later UFO sighting over the Brooklyn Bridge, and that werewolf business in the subway it was pleasant afternoon.

After all this pre-holiday excitement we returned to the Reverend, and Mrs. historic ivy covered manor. I retired to the roco guest rooms my hosts retired to their tastefully disordered study to continue their research into the nature of the eternal.

Later we smoked opium, and laughed the night away watching Sherlock Holmes videos.


"Retrieve your revolver!"

"The game's afoot!"

...and so say all of we!

(Rest in Peace Jeremy Brett,...the best "Holmes" of our generation.)

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fanofgrendel said...

Welcome back, comrade uncle.