Sunday, March 7, 2010

"Tech Problems"


"Yes Number One."

"Sorry to disturb, but I believe we're sinking."

"Have you conferred with the ship's Engineer on this matter"

"Eh, I'm afraid he's drowned sir,..along with a number of the passengers."

"Oh dear that does sound serious."

"Indeed sir. ...your orders?"

"Umm, I shall convene a meeting of the ship's officers regards this matter,..after tea."



Zaek said...

I was wondering why no new posts have been appearing there. I'm glad you've decided to get a freestanding website. It takes time to set up, but won't be at the mercy of every Blogger employee.

One web host I know of that's devoted to freedom of expression is They charge on the basis of how much traffic you get. Might be worth checking out. Or Josh might have some suggestions.

Uncle 2012 said...

Thanks I'll check these out. Btw go to the new temporary Pink Hell.

Look in the links list.