Saturday, March 6, 2010

"A Good Day"

Hell of a month. I'm emotionally fried. Two loses close to me. Plus all the other mayhem of just living in the land of the free. As I type we're having an on-air memorial for our friend Dave Nolan.

Listeners are calling in with their thoughts, and memories about Dave. For you out in the world Dave was a much beloved audio artist, and radio person here in NYC. He did *Dead Head programs.

*The Grateful Dead.

They're a sweet community. Related to the Rainbow Family realm. He was always trying to get me to go with him, and his wife'n kid to one of them Rainbow Gatherings, it.

I had images of sleeping in the mud, being eaten by assorted flying, and crawling bugs. All while stoned on hash.

Actually no, they're a zillion times better than that.

So we had a Hippie wake at St Marks in the Bowery. The Art Church. It's also the oldest place of Christan worship in the city. Goes back to the 1600's somewhere.

St. Marks is also where the staff of my radio station Wbai traditionally has their memorials. I'm going to have mine there. We're a pacifist, commie station, and St. Marks is a if not commie then certainly a Peace, and Justice church.

Not many of those around in this country.

Dave once commented that St. Marks was probably the only christian church that would actually welcome the historic Jesus into it's circle.

It is too.

I can see the actual Jesus dressed in his 1AD robes wandering in, and taking a seat. No one would bat an eye. For one this is New York, and we're used to miracles, the other is 'all' are welcome under that roof.

All are welcome any faith or lack there of.

Our Cantor is an atheist.

Aw well, this was a warm, and beautiful day. I think winter ended today. A good warm peaceful day.

I hope you had a peaceful day too.

(A fan tape of the Dead doing "Iko Iko".)

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