Sunday, March 7, 2010


Well so far so good. We've had a stretch of daze above freezing, and yesterday was actually warm. Warm as in everybody, and their dogs was out on the street making as much noise as possible.

In fact that's what woke me up.

There's them guy a few houses down that play dominoes all year under an aluminum awning regardless of rain or snow. Well with the sudden warm weather they was having a gleeful time yell'n, and slapping the pieces down on the board.

Loud board slapping is apparently a big part of the game, along with threatening each others lives over alleged fast ones.

Kids screaming, and radios playing is a sure sign that spring has returned to the City. The interesting thing is that fossilized carbon encrusted snow from the last blizzard is still huddled in this or that shady corner.

The nice weather reminds me that I still want a cat. More on that later.

Stay Tuned.


Zaek said...

I love Spring, and am sick of Winter. Literally.

I actually think you should get a cat. A cuddly warm furry purring friend - preferably one that's already been house trained - will make you feel good.

Anonymous said...

The only domino player better than me is Eric Clapton.

I remember years ago sauntering back from scuba diving in Barbados and there was a group of guys playing dominoes, I watched and asked if I could join in.

The stakes were agreed, to buy the winners beer. A spliff was produced and the best of 5 doubles game commenced.

You are right about the exhuberant slapping down of the doms. My partner and I took the lead and one of the others was surprised and hollered " he's conching". Nothing to do with shells but rather I was concentating as hard as the weed would let me. We won and the moody one was despatched to get the beer.
This was my first time in the Caribbean and set the tone for my love affair with the region and it's peoples.

It is just a shame that paradise is marred by the homophobia of certain elements of the population.

Zaek said...

I've heard Jamaica is horribly homophobic, but know little of the rest of the region. It certainly looks like paradise. I've never been, but seen photos of the beaches and they're absolutely mouth-watering. Perhaps it's a good place to be a boy-fancying buccaneer.