Friday, March 12, 2010

"Lock Out"

There were 2.9 'million' eviction/foreclosures since that last national election. No this isn't another anti- Obama betrayal rant,...exactly. I just saw on tv that the banks, and their enforcers sometimes foreclose/evict on the 'wrong' house.

So there you are sitting in the safety of your home when the Marshalls literally smash your door in.

Well okay they mostly do that only in poor black neighborhoods. In middle class areas they ring the bell. In any case you're given 15 minutes to get out. Hey I been there, and that 15 minutes is 'exactly' 15 minutes.

The only problem is your bills are all paid, and the bank has no claim. They got the wrong house,..again.

That won't do you any good though. Because they'll toss you, and your family out regardless. Show'em all the paper work you want. Out you go or face arrest.

Eventually the banks will admit the mistake. It seems to take 'only' six weeks to two months for them to get around to it. Yeah they'll clean up the wreck they made of your home. Eventually. However you're emotionally scared for life.

According to that news story there are so many evictions in this country that the system is making errors.

The good news is that the many hundreds of folks this is happening to sue the hell out of these evil bastards. They even collect sometimes.

I bring this up because a person was just evicted on my block. There haven't been any foreclosures here since the fall, but it looks like a new wave is coming.

The person losing everything was a laid off teacher. Yeah just when we need them most they're laying off teachers.

Also as I mentioned in another post they, City Hall, is trying very hard to take bus, and subway passes from school kids. ...let'em walk!

G-ddess forgive us.

As for the eviction it was a horror to see. I noted about a week ago the now common Marshall's sticker on her front door.

A few days later they came to kick her out. She wasn't home, but that didn't stop the bank from taking possession of her house, and 'all' of her belongings.

The banks not only take your house, but if they're 'really rat bastards they take your stuff too.

She came home in the middle of this. It was sad, sad, sad. 'Ugly too. She asked one of the Marshalls if she could take some of here personal items,.."No, everything is the property of the bank."

She then asked if she could have one of her coats. Again "No". If she wanted her property she have to go to court.

These are not nice guys.

In all times, but especially now the New York City Marshall's are the lowest form of life.

They are universally despised.

This is not new. Even when I was a kid no one had 'anything' good to say about them. The general feeling is that if you want to be a thief, but don't want to go to jail,...become a Marshall.

They take a percentage of what they foreclose on. Your home, car, tools, salary. Whatever the system takes from you they get a cut for being the muscle.

There was one decent thing in all this thank gawd. An across the street friend took the evicted teacher in. I haven't seen her since. Her house is padlocked.

Change we can believe in.


Zaek said...

That is vile.

Maybe instead of cats people should keep tigers to greet the marshals. Marshals might turn out to be the most economical form of cat food.

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