Sunday, March 7, 2010

"Wonder if they still Talk"

I mean Lucifer, and the Big Guy. They were real close back in the day. I mean from what I hear about them I can't believe that they'd really shut down 'all' of their ties. Long term Companions, and all that.

No I think they still see each other sometimes. I mean if I were to drop by the Bosses place after I gets my wings. Well I wouldn't be surprised to see Lucifer in da'Lawd's bedroom wearing cutoffs with his feet up watch'n the game.

It'd be all cozy, and chummy. The Big Guy would say, "...Sid how'ya do'n!" "Hey Luce toss my pal Sid a cold one will'ya."

Then we'd settle down with our brews, and watch the Brooklyn Dodgers mop the floor with the Pirates,..again. Even in Paradise them poor bastards ain't got a chance. I'd broach the topic of hell, and they'd both bust out laff'n, shooting out's their noses.

Nuff said.

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