Friday, March 12, 2010

"Rage at the Machine!"

You're gonna think I'm making this up. What with the endless traumas of these last few months.

Well there's yet another death in my circle of family, and friends.

Ibrahim a dear pal from the radio station. I posted some pix's of him, and me in the studios, and also greeting the dawn by the Bklyn Br. last fall.

Well Ibrahim lost his ex-wife, and almost his son in a car crash.

Fuck this,..this is fucking nuts.

I think we're getting into Job from the old testament territory now.

What the hell is going on?!

At this rate I should change the title of this blog to the "Obit Page". That is assuming I'm still around to write it.


Cannibal said...

earlier in the evening a friend speculated that some planet or other is retrograde at the moment. Another aquaintance burned his hand in a fire on a video set; he became so upset that the hospital took him into the psyche ward. Since he's a camera man he now thinks there's no work future for him. BUT OMG poor Ibrahim. Everybody's sons daughters wives friends sooo fragile lately. What can I do but pray, and remind the ones I care about to tread carefully? Sigh

Uncle 2012 said...

This has been a hell of a season.

On the upside they're rebuilding Luna Park over on Coney Island.

Well okay not the grand edifice from the 1890's, but at least it's something.

The circus will be there again also.

I'll take a look when the season opens next month.

...or is it the month after?

Aw gee, a sea breeze, root beer, hot dawgs, and the Wonder Wheel.