Monday, November 9, 2009

"Terms of Life"

Death is a beautiful thing
for those with the courage to live
death for those who have been
- who really have been -
here in this world on the terms of life
to be part of this world just once
once and once only and never again
this is the eternal flame -
eternal life - not an extension of time -
but the truth of here and of now
that’s why we came

who really has been
dies and returns to the Earth
who turns in her cycles of time
again and again and again
till she too is gone and all her gods
not even her gods remain

but we who have seen
we who have witnessed them
the fragile souls of women and men
who have dined with the gods
and drunk with men
we who were given the chance
to learn our few steps of the dance
and received our portion of light
- we go gladly into the night

Sion Liscannor

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