Thursday, November 5, 2009

"As a Thief in the Night"

I've been out sick from the radio station all week. Didn't look at my emails or check my phone messages. I didn't know about Toni's death till today.

Toni Short is an old friend. She is, was a broadcast comrade. She was a talented host, presenter. She was one of the "Old Gang" of us that started out in the 70's, and 80's.

This can't be so, can't have happened, I can't accept this. Not 'just' like that.

Yeah I could say I was just talking to her the other night, and I was. I just saw her, and I did, and she just sent me a nice card, and she did.

So 'how' the hell is she gone?!

This is exactly like when *Paul Williams son passed. (Paul was another pal from the Biz,..he's passed on now too.) One day Paul's son was at the station showing off his new laptop. I remember he was telling me how he was going to use it to make animations.

Then he was gone.

Now they tell me Toni is gone. Just like that.


This is how it happens. A blink of an eye, a beat of the heart, and then eternity.

Goodbye Toni.


Fida said...

Ah...I am so sorry for you. The older we become the worse it gets...

Uncle 2012 said...

Yes, more leave as the years roll by. Thanks for still being there, and bless you for your kindness.

Bodmin said...

"Remember to surround yourself with people who respect and treat you well."
My condolences.

Sion said...

My condolences, Sidney. I hope you feel better soon.

poetreader said...

Sid, I know how it feels. at 68 I'm becoming old, friends are vanishing, and so is my own strength. I intended to write one line of sympathy, but the following just had to be written for you ...

Time runs swiftly passing by,
and good friends so quickly leave us,
and our hearts can only deeply sigh,
as these losses deeply grieve us,
and when the night comes into sight,
we find it hard to see the light,
as we face another day,
as we plod along our way,
but even as our sorrows grow,
even in our deepest woe,
good things, if we look, abound,
and in the midst of sorrow, joy is found


John said...

Aye, you know me not my friend but
for all of us the sand slips out of the hour glass thank God we can`t see how much is left in each or any of them !
Tick tock tick tock will we here the clock strike 12 ?
We morn not for those who`ve gone we morn for our selfs because we are left with out them to carry on.
Maintain my Friend !

Obertra said...

Just 'fell' into this blog with the help of a little mouse in my palm which pointed me to this lovely duo of a melody "Turn Turn".

R K W said...

So sorry for your loss, Sid. Good old friends are so hard to come by these days.

My thoughts are with you.

Anonymous said...

Comrad Sydney , my condolences. Life is a bicht when it takes away one of your good friends.I hope you feel better soon. Hibou

Zaek said...

Real sorry to hear that Sidney. I lost a close friend a couple of years ago, and it's a heavy blow. I'll be thinking of you. Hope to see you back soon.

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