Saturday, November 14, 2009

"I had my cake, and I ate it too!"

Hi gang. Hope you're all well. Me I had some sort of flu. Aw yuck. I'm as empty as empty can be. That bug cleans you out good!

So I'm dehydrated, and I'm still spending most of my time laying in bed reading old comic books. Btw, I just wasted *$24. I can't afford on Stephen King's new book "Under the Dome"

*...'never' buy retail!

Anyway the book stinks. It's a short story that insisted on becoming a 900 page door stop. "The Stand" it ain't. Not even close!

To add on to everything else. My dreams have become unusually surreal. They're full of living, and dead friends, and relatives.

I'm not sure, but I think I had a glimpse of my own memorial. This dream, I hope that's all it was, took place back in the old neighborhood. It was nice to see the old place, and all of the people I grew up with.

Here's the thing,..I was late. Part of this drama was me trying to get to my party/wake on time. I'm still not sure which it was.

I must say it was a swell show once it got started though. Lots of food, and booze for all. Even I had a good time,..I think.

Then in the middle of everything I was suddenly back at my old school.

You know how dreams are.

I was giving a lecture on the complications of history as seen through the prism of the human heart. Basically why do we insist on looting, burning, and butt fucking every damned thing on the planet.

...and twice on sunday's.

It was a swell rant. I pulled out all the stops. 'Wish I could remember it I'd post it here for your befuddlement.

Then I was back at the party.

Btw all this took place either at dusk or late night. That's when alot of my dreams happen now. Anyway the cakes. Pies, cakes, cream puffs. See thing is I rarely have dreams where nice things happen to me.

However in 'this' dream I got cake.

I think this was Toni's intervention. Toni Short my late beloved pal.

I can still see it. Wonderful chocolate cake with a cream filling. My perfect fantasy cake!

Thanks Toni!

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Anonymous said...


Anytime you want a book, try Amazon first. Most best sellers can be had shortly after their release date, read once, if at all for a ridiculous price plus $3.99 postage.

Glad things seem to be settling down.

Mr. Chips
(proud owner of Busycat Farm Used Books Amazon store...)