Sunday, November 15, 2009


Feeling a bit better today. I'm able to eat again, and go outside for walks. Did some shopping, and took my laundry to be done. I went back to work at the radio station as well.

Although I admit I spent most of my time in my tiny office or the newsroom napping. My pals have been very good about being sweet to me. My gawd I'm blessed!

I'm kind'a feeling a little normal again.

Also I'm hosting my first Thanksgiving Dinner at my new home soon. Nor sure how many are coming. Could be three, could be 10!

I feel so domestic, and I guess rooted, a way. I'm beginning to feel that this is really my home now.

For you late arrivals here in Sydneyland these past several years was a bit of an adventure. Care giving for then losing a close beloved relative, and then later a dear friend.

In the middle of all that losing my house as well. There followed my homeless adventure. Almost a year passed before being rescued by my sister, and friends. I didn't tell anyone what had happened to me.

But now I have a cute new home!

I'm writing a short one person play about all this,...stay tuned.

Anyway it seems the rough seas have calmed, a little, and now I'm becoming just another neurotic Hausfrau again.

Hummm, Thanksgiving, lets see. I'm going to need more dishes, more chairs, place settings,...and oh yes, food.

There's a reason we cling to traditions like this. When all the world is chaos cultural, and family traditions are our safe harbors.

More on the new adventure as events unfold!

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Zaek said...

Glad to hear you're feeling better. I didn't realize you had the flu. Wish I could be there for Thanksgiving.