Wednesday, August 27, 2008



d. chedwick said...

Hello Sydney-- what a great portrait!

It's been a crazy busy summer.I got a new kitten and have had many bloggy visitors in real life. Tried to travel a little around the Catskills. Hoped to meet you in person. Summer just flew by, hopefully we can savor September.

Uncle Sidney said...

Ahhh, september,..or is it october that has the cool crisp winds, and flaming Trees?

Last year none of that swell stuff happened till november.

'But it's the thought that counts. Hope your summer was a happy one. As always loves ya blogs!

They cheer me up when I'm nuts.if I You're work is now part of my therapy. 'Hope ya don't mind.

Btw, I had a cabin in the Catskills back in the day so I do remember many a pleasant summer up there.

A new kitten?!

What does Dennis have to say about this? Humm, I suggest a DNA test to discover the true parentage.

Meeting ones readers?,...ehhh. Given some of the perverted blogs I do I may forgo the pleasure.

In my case they'd either be cops or outpatients.

Otherwise I very happy to hear from you!