Friday, August 8, 2008



d. chedwick said...

these shots remind me...did I miss the west Indian parade? I can never keep track of event dates.

if it's coming up, we should plan to meet there.

The Trustees said...

The trustees wonder what you are up to these days.

Uncle Sidney said...

The Parade is on Labor Day,...I think. So we can still have our historic meeting,...sort of like Yalta.

You, and all of my former loyal subjects can email me at:

We can discuss the diplomatic details of our summit there.


Uncle Sidney said...

Greetings to the Trustee's of Chedwick University, and it's bio-weapons subdivision.

Yes it seems I'm a bit late in getting back from the '07 Christmas/Groundhog Day break.

Affairs of state, and heavy drinking have unfortunately distracted me from my academic duties.

However I assure you I shall be back for the fall semester. Indeed my plans for the Chedwick U. Nepalese Pagoda, digital clock tower, and cafeteria are nearly done.

I forsee ground breaking on or about our annual Chester Allen Arthur Day celebrations.

I thank you for your patients, and kick backs.


Uncle Sidney, Emperor,ret.