Thursday, August 7, 2008

"Thumbnail War"

(...yeah I'm still a Pacifist,..sort of, but I has this thing for WW2 model tanks.)

Warning. Play the video w/sound off. The music profoundly sucks.


Anonymous said...

OK, you’re really scaring me now.

Actually, I was fantasizing having my own tank last night driving home into a big traffic jam. Repaving the road must have been so fascinating that everyone had to stop and watch! I promise I won’t shoot the gun; I’ll just roll over them!

Uncle Sidney said...

That's the spirit!

Crush the heathens beneath the treads of your Mk-IV panzer. Sweep them evil soccer mom hoards off the roads!

Shoot the damned gun! That's what it's there for! Pump a few dozen rounds of depleted uranium sabots into them rascals!

Let them know you're no mere commuter. 'But a valiant "Road Warrior" cruising the interstates looking for mayhem, and booty!