Friday, February 5, 2010

"The Day After"

Hi gang. My flu thing is finally breaking. Still some vertigo, and congestion, but much less than before.

Now to all the traditional details of mourning. There's been so many leavings recently that this has become a kind of routine.

Generations btw tend to leave in groups. On my mother's side they kick the bucket in their sixties. On my dad's the leave in their nineties. My last living Uncle, my Uncle "JB" John Baptise was a Baptist minister for near 50 years.

He lived to 96, and was still giving hot'n merry sermons to the day he died.

My family tends towards the clergy, show business, and politics,...all the same really. Me I went into show business after being found unfit for the dog collar.

The catholic church really didn't want black or tan priests. 'Course now they're desperate for anyone warm, and breathing.


They missed out on some serious sermons by giving me the boot. However it all worked out swell. I have a vast congregation on my radio ministry. That's where I've been preaching the good word on what really matters. Love, Eternity, and why so many movies suck.

'dah lawd works in mysterious way She does.

My brother was 63. His end which I'm informed was a hard one came suddenly, and painfully. We'll that's just fucking great.

He didn't deserve that.

You ever notice how the decent folks end up dead in a ditch while the evil live to 110, and croak while screwing a fashion model. Then they have a five hour tribute on CNN saying what a swell murdering bastard they was.

Yeah I'm no longer numb,..I think. I've moved on to anger.

That acceptance stuff will probably kick in next month sometime.

You know the drill. We've all been here a few times now. There is nothing we can really do. Nothing can done for you. My pals are all hugging me, and saying "call me", and they all mean it.

This is wonderful, but it also doesn't help. Aw, it helps, but it doesn't. You know what I mean.

Btw don't put an egg in your microwave.

I thoughtlessly tried this last evening,...boom!

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