Friday, March 14, 2008

"WBAI Class Pictures"


Bodmin said...

Any chance of spare sweatshirts being available for your fans - at a suitable remuneration, of course?

sidneylann995 said...

Greetings Comrad,

Sure no problem. No honorarium necessary. Just email me with your address, and size, and it's yours. Also Timmy Tom sez hi!

Btw I took your advice on the content of Inkplum. The "Veal Cake" has been toned down, and I've gone back to rants, art, and hallmark card style memories of the weird old daze.

I was getting tired of that porny stuff anyway.

Watch the Skies!

Bodmin said...

If people want boy-cock, there are other sites where the can find it. What they cannot find on the other sites is what you alone can contribute - your art, the art of others which ties in with your vision, the history (visual and otherwise)you are in touch with, and your 'rants', which come from your experience. When I used to call you Mzee, I was not kidding: you are an elder and survivor, with something to say. Whether others will listen is another matter. A slight case could be made for the 'porny stuff' to get people there, who might stay to listen - but if they are meant to find your site, they will. The contemporary porny stuff, however exciting it is, endangers the survival of all the rest that is unique. Long live sidneylann!
PS The address has gone by e-mail, the size could be medium or large.

sidneylann995 said...

The "stuff" will be on it's way soon comrad. As for boycock, sure it has it place usually behind a zipper, but I gets da point. to speak.

Since ease'n up on the "twinks" readership has fallen off by 1/3 more or less. Fine, and good luck, and goodbye to those porn hounds. Like I say I was getting tired of it anyway.

Anyhow glad ya's still come'n by, and I'll do the best that I can with Inkplum.

Wow! ...gee so I'm an "Elder!" Heck all I did was manage to stay alive, and out of the clink. Still do I get free parking or maybe a cool hat?

...humm a nice pointy crown? or perhaps some sort'a ceremonial Queer head dress with bright rainbow feathers, leather'n studds, and blinking neon lights would be nice.

Maybe the "Supreme Holy Council of Perverts" could send me one of them neat doodads as badge of office. I mean what with your's truly being an elder'n all.

Stay Tuned!

Josh~ said...

Salut Sidney :o)

I'm just listening to your show from last monday with the soldier testimonials... very moving and good to hear the other side you don't get in the news .__.

Cergie said...

It must have been fun and your sure enjoyed being together.
I like how every body is dressed with purple clothes, and how the man wears his headphones like a tiara. It seems to me it rather was an extraterrestrial gathering...

sidneylann995 said...

Hi Josh!

'Glad that yo vist here. Yeah I played the "Winter Soldier" testimonies. I thought it was the right thing to do.

I hope you are well. Peace!

sidneylann995 said...

Hello cergie!

I've missed you! I'm so happy that you are visting me again. Yes it was a "purple" night at the radio station.

The sweat shirt is of my "Timmy Tom". A story I tell on the radio. People like the shirts better than the stories.

It was a very happy night for all!

damon171717 said...

WBAI RULES! Been a listener forever! I love the station.May it always broadcast the truth!

Anonymous said...

What? Are you all turning into guilt ridden christian era castrati? A plague upon your houses!
Sure they like the shirt more than the story. This is a surprise?
Sure your readership is off since you stopped posting the spicy stuff.

Not to say we don't need the rants too... but they go hand in hand.

sidneylann995 said...

Greetings Anon.,

Well sure I'd like to post spicy stuff over at Inkplum. However I'd be out'a business again, and my server pal would be in jail so that's that.

Hey the Angel stories were sweet, but then who cares about that sort of thing these daze. So they went for the shirt instead not understanding what it really symbolized.

They just thought it was a cool t-shirt,...little do these rubes know.

Hi damon thanks for coming by, hang in there comrad!

d. chedwick bryant said...

Power to the Purples!

sidneylann995 said...

Hey ched! Sorry I haven't been on campus lately. I had the same problem the last time I went to college.

Anyway I showed up just in time for spring break. Aw gee, just like old times.